1. Industrial & Construction Paints

    Industrial & Construction Paints

    The General Industrial Division markets a wide range of products, many of which are custom made to meet the exacting specifications of individual industrial buyers. We maintains close liaison with industrial customers and is always prepared to provide technical backup while paint is being applied to the products.

    The Protection Division makes heavy-duty protective coatings, Floor Epoxy Coatings and anti-corrosion paints for specialized structures like barrages bridges pipelines generators, boilers and wide range of metal fabrications, which are exposed to the hostile environmental elements. Protection paints serve the dual purpose of protecting surfaces form chemical reactions as well as improving the visual appeal. These protective paints conform to international standards of quality and are designed to resist the severity of extreme temperatures as well as the corrosive effects of atmosphere oil and other decaying agents.

    Waterproofing Chemicals

    We solve all waterproofing and foundation repair problems, large or small. Whether you have water coming through your basement walls, floors, cracks, doorways or windows we have a reliable, effective solution. We have products with complete solutions depending on your specific problem.

    One of our professional staff can help you, whether you need an estimate, an installation, or just a few questions answered about wet basements, basement waterproofing, or foundation repair. We're here to help you!

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  2. Wood Polishing & Coatings

    Wood Polishing & Coatings

    The Wood Coating Division specializes in wood paints and polish items like Spirit, Chandras, Lak Dana, we also have imported wood coatings for both interior and exterior uses.

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  3. Autobody & OEM

    Autobody & OEM

    The Automotive Division specializes in paints for the motor vehicle industry, which demands an extremely high quality finish coupled with durability and absolute consistency of colors. Popular Paint supplies paints to all the leading manufacturer of cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks and tractors in the country.

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  4. Decorative Wall Paints & Building Chemicals

    Decorative Wall Paints & Building Chemicals

    The Decorative Paints Division brings Popular Paint in close contact with a large number of people for whom top of the line brands like Swissbas Luxury Finish Emulsion, Weather coat exterior emulsion and enamel have become household names.

    Customer Advisory Service:

    The company provides Customer Advisory Service free of charge, enabling customers to seek the advise of trained professionals who can advise on appropriate color schemes and types of paints for different environments

    The Building Chemicals Division offers products that are suitable for all stages of construction the ones which enhance the life of the structure itself and others that add visual appeal. The Division makes a variety of products designed to perform specific functions such as

    Filling cracks holes and gaps to cover imperfection in plaster, wood and other building materials

    Providing an impervious coat to prevent staining of walls through moisture penetration

    Imparting textured protective finishes to interior and exterior walls.

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  5. Paint Tools & Equipments

    Paint Tools & Equipments

    As being one of the leading suppliers in our field We will always aim at bringing you the best quality and fresh products at the most favorable prices with satisfying sales service.

    The company specializes in various kinds of painting tools and the auxiliary decorative material. All the products are high quality. The series of products include: Spray Paint Guns & Equipments, Paint Roller, Woolen Brush, Painting Brush, Waterproof Sand Paper, Super Putty Powder of internal and external wall, Universal Glue, Crack Resistant Adhesive, etc.

    We not simply paint tools developer but also with great design capability, professional special decoration guider.

    In last few years, we keep varying our DIY paint tools, we have style tools till now, they are rubber roller, soft pattern roller, sponge kit, ragging tools, wood graining tools and special tools.

    We have always insisted on the business principle of 'Quality and Efficiency, Practicality and Creativity' and have earned the trust of clients both at home and abroad. If you are interested in any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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